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The Guardian - "Films about Europe’s migrant crisis run the risk of being artful and exploitative. Now directors are seeking to redress the balance"

The 405 -  "Orban Wallace's powerful and timely documentary goes beyond the statistics in the Syrian Refugee Crisis to make sure people never are alienated from the profoundly human nature of the problem."

Indiewire -  "Refugees and Nationalism: How Europe Is Questioning Its Identity Through the Movies" 

Variety -  Topical refugee-focused cinema — also represented at Karlovy Vary by such features as the documentary “Another News Story” — continues to be the year’s most consistent trend on the festival circuit" 

Hollywood Reporter  - "Zurich reveals line up with documentary Another News Story

Montages -  "The end-result is probably as profound an insight into the true nature of the refugee crisis

as you will ever get."  

Cineuropa  - "It will probably enrage some of the journalists pictured in the course of filming, but will certainly ignite a burning discussion about journalism ethics." 

The Big Issue - "What happens to the homeless refugees when the journalists go home?"

Robert Temple -  "A magnificent and epic documentary of historic proportions"


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